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Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!• Introduction • Prehistoric Rock Art • Classical African Sculpture • Impact of Hunting • The Art of the Nomads • Wooden Sculpture • Bambara Farmers and their Art • The Art of the African Kingdoms • Kuba-Bushong Art • Secret Societies Mask Art • Art and Kinship • Religious Art • The Art of Witchcraft • Art for Art's Sake The aim of this article is to place African tribal art in its social context rather than to discuss aesthetic appeal, stylistic zones, and the formal qualities of art objects.It is not even certain if it was their ancestors who were responsible for the pictographs and petroglyphs which have been found at various prehistoric sites in the country.The Bushmen were driven back into the desert areas, not only by the white man, but also by the Hottentot invaders.The Hottentots are also a yellow-skinned race, so closely resembling the Bushmen that, according to some experts, it is inadvisable to separate them.

There is a strong similarity between the Ahagger paintings and Bushman art, and, in addition they have a striking resemblance to the art of Ancient Egypt.

None of any consequence can be attributed to the Hottentots, but the old Bushmen have to their credit some of the finest and oldest art in the world, at sites all over Southern Africa.

The general character of Bushman rock art is naturalistic, and many of the images can be seen as pictographs, in that they express ideas and are not "art for art's sake." The large majority of the figures are men and animals, but there are a few other objects which are probably symbolic, although their meaning is not always clear; In some regions the pictures are painted in colour; elsewhere only engravings or chippings occur.

The rock pictures in the Atlas region of Algeria were first investigated in 1913.

They are almost all engravings: only two pictures painted in ochre were discovered and these belong to earlier periods. There are first the very early naturalistic drawings of animals which are now either extinct in this area, or belong to a very remote geological period.

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