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Rose, for her part, said on Loveline that she “think[s] it’s amazing when a guy is bisexual,” suggesting that she doesn’t necessarily doubt that men can be attracted to more than one gender at a time but she did admit that she “would just think about it too much” if she dated a bisexual guy and that “it would bother [her] in a way.” That begs the question: What, precisely, is she thinking about and why, precisely, would it bother her?What nagging feeling would she find herself unable to shake off? Television, for one, has reinforced the notion that bisexual men are simply closeted gay guys who should be automatically disqualified from a woman’s dating pool.But this phenomenon isn’t so much a simple case of “do as I say, not as I do” hypocrisy as it is a byproduct of the unique stereotypes and stigmas that surround bisexual men.As bisexual writer and activist Eliel Cruz wrote for Mic, there is a “deeply ingrained cultural misconception that a man can’t date another man and still be sexually interested in women as well.” In other words, many people question whether or not men can even be bisexual.So it’s no surprise that the startup – after raising money and honing its product in London – has now launched in the California city. The product emphasises photos — not just profile photos but photos of where someone lives, what they wear, what they like etc.— and thus draws comparisons with Pinterest in user interface.Channel 4’s documentary Bi-Curious Me was a flimsy, titillating look at modern sexual mores, based on the premise that, in the narrator’s words, “Never has it been so on trend to have your first lesbian experience.” Needless to say, exploring this trite statement involved endless footage of pretty young women in bras and bikinis. The only real stab of sympathy I felt was for a man called Andrew.No amount of shimmying burlesque dancers, however, could liven up what was essentially dull television. Not only did his wife leave him after 22 years of marriage, but he also received a damp, gravel-filled sock to the jaw in the form of her announcement on national TV that she preferred sleeping with women to men.

Given that disheartening data, you’d expect to find bisexual men at or near the bottom of the dating world’s pecking order. Less scientific studies have borne out this conclusion.How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Europe has been a place of battles and political intrigue for centuries.Exton ought to know what she’s talking about, as she’d already built a straight dating product prior to Dattch. The mostly female team was one of 17 startups in the Wayra London incubator, and has also closed a small 0,000 Angel round, alongside Wayra’s €40,000.Dattch targeted London and other UK cities initially, but is opting for a geofenced city-by-city rollout in the U.

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