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“It prompted a whole conversion experience for me.” O’Toole re-engaged with his faith and discovered the Church’s rich vision of sacramental marriage.

The tribunal decides whether and on which grounds the petition is accepted, Nguyen said, and then informs both civilly divorced parties once the petition, or , is accepted.Benedict Nguyen, a canon lawyer and assistant professor at Ave Maria University, who also serves as the director of communications and the director of the Office of Sacred Worship for the Diocese of Venice, Fla., said the tribunal judges granting an annulment have to meet the standard of “moral certainty” when they rule no marriage existed.“So if, for example, a person intended against ever having children, what is the evidence that can bring the tribunal judges to moral certainty that, before the throne of God, they can say, ‘Yes, here’s the evidence [no valid marriage existed]; this is why we decided it this way’? “It’s more than just probability; it’s actually quite a high bar to clear,” said Nguyen The grounds for ruling a marriage invalid fall generally under three categories: capacity, consent and (for a Catholic) canonical form.Now, Deacon O’Toole helps prepare people to go through the annulment process as part of his special ministry to divorced Catholics in the Diocese of Springfield, Ill.“Generally, I begin the process with our theology of marriage: why we believe what we believe and why the Catholic Church recognizes marriage between two Christians — just like baptism — as a sacrament, whether their denomination would call it that or not,” he said.

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