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According to the cover, this was all recorded live in the studio, which made me think that these boys should be on the road and play all night concerts, endlessly improvising and exploring the depths of the synthesized ambient music.Warm music in cold days.” –Reviewed by Frans De Waard for Vital Ezine Our thanks to both reviewers for their time and attention.Building upon a solid foundation of dark ambient, Dense Vision Shrine also employs sampled sounds and sparse rhythm to carefully design the listening experience of a realm where time itself has stopped, of a blackened voyage into oblivion.The first 500 copies are presented in a 2 disc DVD case with a professionally pressed bonus DVD (PAL format, may not play in NTSC players), also titled Time Lost in Oblivion, that takes the viewer on a visual journey of imagery used for live performances….

20 More imports added to the Hypnos Store, this time the First Fallen Star label.

(more/buy) Innfallen – Three Days of Darkness (miscellaneous category) (Price: .99) Intended to capture in sound the immense fear, but also the great hope, of those hiding indoors during this time, Innfallen offers their vision of the Catholic prophecy of Three Days of Darkness.

Consisting of veteran Doyle Finley (of Invercauld) and talented newcomer Kevin Scala, Innfallen has composed a rich, illustrative tapestry of multi-layered soundscapes that is undeniably the soundtrack to this frightening prophecy….

(more/buy) Atomine Elektrine – Archimetrical Universe (miscellaneous category) (Price: .99) Archimetrical Universe showcases Peter Andersson’s dissection of the sky, a caeserean section that births massive, geometrically perfect sonic diversions, all spheres and angles, burnished metal dreams and pristine sonic caresses that reconfigure sound into smooth surfaces. (more/buy) A Challenge of Honour – Ashigaru Revealed (miscellaneous category) (Price: .99) Dedicated to warrior√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢s traditions of medieval Japan.

To counterbalance the exactness of the sonic development, light rhythms emerge and huge slabs of disrupting tones puncture. Graceful and epic cocktail of atmospheric neoclassical passages, Japanese drums and rhythms….

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