Creative ideas for dating anniversaries

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Abstract Coloring Pages With A Difference These Abstract Coloring images are different from the ones above as you will see as they have been in my sketch book for years.

You can create an abstract image of almost anything from nature and make it into an abstract painting (it helps if you have pixel editing software.) Cute Angels to Color in.

It's not necessary to be restricted by outlines Please write to me about your child's creativity and if you have any problems, I'd be glad to help.

Go to the contact form on the Navigation bar and send me an email. Cool Abstracts Your abstract coloring pages can be anything you like but not if it can be seen as something you see every day.

Did you know some of the top performing ballet dancers like Polina Semionova and Darcey Bussel go through every movement in their minds first going on stage?Angels come in all shapes, sizes, some fat others slim, some have wings or they can be disguised as ordinary mortals like you and me. It is often said they can be in human form, full of laughter and good deeds.These lovely angels are often seen in religious paintings and they are all pretty much like humans don't you think?Go down to your local book store and you will find a great selection of coloring books, but you can get them right here! Print on quality paper So get ALL you coloring pages free by printing them out from your computer.The beauty of printing your own is that you can print on a quality paper and preserve your child's creativity.

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