Dating etiquette for christians

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Liquid waste such as fluids and blood go into the sewer, which is not a hazard if sewerage is treated.

John Frith, Paddington When my Welsh grandmother amputated a finger and thumb in a shotgun accident at the age of 16, her parents buried the digits in a cigar box in the family vault with a shortened form of the burial service. Christian Carter, Bellevue Hill It is well known within the film industry that they use leftover bits in the making of gory films.

John Frith, Paddington H stands for F, which no-one uses because its meaning would be too obvious. But then again, it may have evolved into Holy Cr**, Holy Sh** or Hooley-dooley. Roman spies always pronounced this 'aitch' and weren't allowed in.

Norm Neill, Leichhardt Common blasphemies in the southern US include Jesus Holy Christ, Jesus Hebe Christ and Jesus Hebrew Christ. American scholars and Sydney nuns revived the custom some years ago.

Climatic conditions do not generally have any bearing on these sources.

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As in, "Our Father, who art in heaven, Harold be Thy name".I think the song was called, 'I turns the lightie on'.Mercifully, I can't remember the name of the person who had the nerve to place it on record.Mind you, for him, the food and beer in the fridge would cease to exist as well.So either you can know or can't know if the light is off, depending on the presuppositions you approach your fridge with. The little bloke who lives and works in there has to turn it off, otherwise he doesn't get paid. Kevin Halsey, Split, Croatia Drill a small hole and have a peep.

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