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Electronic music platform Boiler Room makes its long-awaited Shanghai debut this weekend with a slew of local acts like Tzusing, GOOOOOSE and MIIIA along with South African house DJ Black Coffee.Held at a secret venue, the party will be streamed live online for all of China and the world.Michail Stangl (pictured at top center), who’s been with Boiler Room “since the days when it was just two webcams taped to a warehouse wall,” runs the platform’s Berlin branch and is one of its heads of international music.He’s responsible for the line-up in Shanghai and Beijing, so we caught up with him before the show via Skype to chat about his booking choices, Boiler Room’s world travels and how a kid from the Russian countryside gets into electronic music.We wanted to show them a very diverse cross-cut of what’s happening right now in China, going from very established artists who have a recording history with established techno labels to up-and-coming beat scene people.If you look at Boiler Room’s programming, we are very eclectic.Nonetheless, a few things have caught our attention over the years.I’m originally from Moscow, and many of my Russian friends would [play shows in] China and meet incredibly motivated audiences interested in electronic music. The Internet was the only way to access a culture that was incredibly relevant to me.

So it was easier for us to go to English-speaking countries, and to places like Japan, who have already quite an established connection to European music communities.

Often when you step outside your door, it’s quite the opposite. You are cautious when somebody infringes your private space. Go: Organizers are asking those who've snagged a ticket to arrive between 8 and pm.

But at least at Boiler Room events, there is this certain glow in people’s eyes that make you way more open to making new friends. Breaking news: In a surprise last-minute party announcement, this Thursday will be the Boiler Room debut of Skrillex.

On one hand, I would like to do something that’s not quite so obvious, and on another hand, he’s just an amazing DJ. I think it would send a very strong message to do that rather than bringing the obvious techno white male from Berlin along.

I’m still completely over the moon from our trip to South Africa.

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