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That makes invar ideal for use as the threaded tuning rods in a duplexer!It has been used in precision clocks and was also used in surveyer measuring tapes prior to electronic ranging instruments. Then I received a letter in the mail from Fed Ex telling me that the claim was rejected because of insufficient evidence.

There is tube data, Frequently Asked Questions, discussion, construction ideas and details and lots of information for the amp builder.

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K4DPK - Phil Chambley Phil produces a fine VFO stabilizer for your old radio and a PEP wattmeter adapter which will turn almost any wattmeter into a peak reading wattmeter. K4POZ - Ron Wilson - Screwdriver Antenna Ron builds these antennas.

It is a great performing Mobile screwdriver antenna covering 3 through 30 MHz. K4POZ - Amp projects including a beautiful legal limit pair of GI-7B Russian triodes.

LC Meter - This is an absolutely great piece of test equipment from Almost All Digital Electronics. Technology Systems - A great source for Heathkit parts and information.

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