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Many language schools call the first day school test for “Placement Test” or ”Level Check Test.” These tests are more like test-format level check and judged with completion of the tasks for reading, grammar, and essay writings.

However, the prova at JEC is unique and different from other tests.

You can choose to study in the morning, afternoon, evening or night.

The daytime classes (morning, afternoon, and evening) are each 3 hours long. Night classes are suitable for those who cannot attend lessons during the day, with each class held twice a week.

The student’s level of English is checked as if the student is taking a Callan Method lesson.

By taking our test, our trial students can feel and experience the Callan Method and in doing so, student get used to the classroom as if they had already experience of the method.

The Callan teacher’s extra speed prevents boredom, makes the student concentrate, stops them translating in their head (by not giving them time), allows them to hear more words repeated more times.

This makes it easier for them to understand English outside the classroom, and, of course, makes them learn faster.

Imagine you are here in Australia – trying to find share accommodation, asking for directions, going to parties, making friends and many other things…

You can choose to study on either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Night classes are two hours each day, starting at 6pm and finishing at 8pm.

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