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People Does this mean a career change for Blake Lively? To be completely corny and completely honest, these sites and apps can help you find the most important person in your life — and they all require some sort of profile yes, even a series of photos counts. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?On June 27, 2011, the forums were hacked again, and the email addresses of every registered member were posted to Pastebin and published in a blog owned by Google and Wikipedia critic Daniel Brandt entitled Encyclopedia Dramatica: There is no Joseph Evers.Photos and personal data of some of the more prominent users were also revealed (Doxed), particularly user Zaiger.

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Encyclopedia Dramatica (originally also known as is founded by Girlvinyl in December 2004 as a compendium of internet personalities, events and memes in response to the deletion of the Mediacrat vanity page on Wikipedia, On April 2011,'s owners redirected to a replacement site, Oh Internet, a new website dedicated to documenting Internet culture while remaining SFW (safe for work).

Girlvinyl stated: Shock for shock’s sake is old at this point and we’re looking forward to the future and how things are evolving …

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