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She met with her record label and management after The Summer Kiss Tour wrapped up in late 2013, stating: "'I want you to put your faith in me that I'll come back when it's ready,' and they did and I'm very lucky to have a team that wasn't about trying to mass produce things and was really more looking at the quality of it." Jepsen spent time regrouping; searching for a "detour" that came to be in the form of a Broadway role: "I thought, how amazing would it be to take a left turn, somehow, and still come back to this?

[...] but 'left turn'—I didn’t know what that meant." She was approached by the producers of Rodgers Hammerstein's Cinderella to audition for the titular character, and was formally offered the part after auditioning in Los Angeles and passing callbacks in New York.

"I Didn't Just Come Here to Dance" existed as early as 2011 according to matching lyrics on a tweet authored by Jepsen.She sought to channel a "heart-on-your-sleeve sensibility" reminiscent of the 1980s era after attending a Cyndi Lauper concert in Japan: "[...] this is when pop was at its finest.[...] I would put out 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' today and I wouldn’t change a bloody thing." Jepsen sought to work with him, stating she was a fan, which Hynes hesitated to believe.It initially held the hook "warm love feels good" to which Batmanglij misheard as "warm blood", sticking as its main motif as he was drawn to its physical rather than abstract connotations.The closer, "When I Needed You", was written in a session with Tavish Crowe in order to process a break up wherein she realizes the faults of her seemingly "perfect" relationship: "[...] but in order to stay in it, I would have to be quite a different person than who I naturally am [...] and that sacrifice didn't seem worth it in the end." Dan Nigro and Nate Campany composed the "happier-sounding" instrumental, to which Jepsen felt a sense of catharsis in concealing a "very serious" emotion.

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