Relative dating of rocks powerpoint

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A development process may specify that the team always does work in four-week iterations.

A few more examples of practices are: There are more practices than these, but this list is a good example of practices specified by some specific processes.

Agile methods embrace this reality through flexibility.

More specifically, Agile processes differ from the traditional ones in that they: Four popular Agile processes are Scrum, Kanban, Lean, and Extreme Programming (XP).

When I first learned about development processes in college, I pooh-poohed them as unnecessary, restrictive nonsense that got in the way of writing actual code.

Processes felt like they forced developers to build software in unnaturally rigid ways and made them write a lot of documentation instead of code.

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By carefully choosing and combining processes and specific practices, you can make a great process for your team.

Scrum and Kanban focus on scheduling and managing what tasks a team works on.

Lean is more of a process philosophy that pushes teams to minimize tasks and practices that don’t add value to the stakeholders.

Every project and situation is different, so choosing a process and related practices should be done carefully and explicitly.

I would caution against choosing a process just because that’s the one you’re most familiar with, or because it worked for your last project, or because every other team uses the same one.

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