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Cosa seems to have prospered until it was sacked in the 60s BC, perhaps by pirates - although an earthquake and unrest related to the Catilinarian Conspiracy have also been cited as reasons.

This led to a re-foundation under Augustus and then life continued until the 3rd century.

One of the last textual references to Cosa comes from the work of Rutilius Claudius Namatianus in his De reditu suo.

In the 20th century, Cosa was the site of excavations carried out under the auspices of the American Academy in Rome, initially under the direction of the archaeologist Frank Edward Brown.

The citadel was a fortified hill on which were built several temples, including the so-called capitolium of Cosa.

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The Etruscan site (called Cusi or Cosia) may have been where modern Orbetello stands; a fortification wall in polygonal masonry at Orbetello's lagoon may be in phase with the walls of Cosa.On the arx were two temples, one the triple-cella building dubbed the Capitolium of Cosa, the other a smaller temple.The Capitolium at Cosa marks, as far as we know, the only capitolium constructed in a Latin colony.Sample excavations took place over the whole site, with larger excavations on the Arx, the Eastern Height and around the Forum.The plan represents a subtle adaptation of an orthogonal plan to the complicated topography of the hill.

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