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Lathem and Cornell-Duranleau, who moved to Chicago from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area about a year ago, were dating, NBC Chicago reported.Warren arrived in Chicago on his first trip to the US three days before the killing, after being reported missing in Great Britain.He had been refused clearance by French authorities to work at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, according to the Chicago Tribune.The Paris institute, which studies the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, had approved Lathem's application to work there but it was later revoked when the French government rejected his working clearance.

Prosecutors said Lathem and Warren met in on online chat room where they talked about their sexual fantasies, the Chicago Tribune reported.Warren enters a courtroom for an extradition hearing at the Hall of Justice in San Francisco on August 11.Warren, an Oxford University financial officer accused in the fatal stabbing of a Chicago man, agreed to return to Illinois to face charges Investigators said the day after the crime was committed Lathem and Warren drove about 80 miles northwest of Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.Warren is pictured arriving in Chicago early Saturday morning Warren was suspended from his payroll job at Somerville College, which is a part of the Oxford system.Lathem, a microbiologist who's been on Northwestern's faculty since 2007 but was not teaching at the time of the attack, was terminated by the university for fleeing from police when there was an arrest warrant out for him.

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