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Ukrainian universities offer a wide range of courses ranging from engineering courses, medical and health sciences, economics and management, aeronautics, aqua and marines, and many more.

Chances are very slim, finding a discipline not offered in any of Ukraine universities.

In 1946, the MSI was accredited for postgraduate study in marine engineering and steam and internal combustion engine design. In 1949, the MSI was renamed Admiral Makarov MSI for Stepan Makarov, a native of Mykolayiv, a naval admiral, and a marine engineer.

By 1955, over eighty percent of the teachers at the Admiral Marakov MSI were involved in research.18 September 1970 marked the 50th anniversary of the school and by decree of the presidium of the supreme rada of the USSR, the school was awarded the order of the Red Flag for merit in preparation of engineering workers and for its achievements in the development of scientists.

The Ukraine ministerial committee on industrial policy and education (USSTU), recognized the university as a key provider of marine welders.

The school had the status of a higher education institution: after three years of study, graduating students received the qualification of engineer.Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding in Mykolaiv is a higher education institution which trains specialists for the shipbuilding and allied industries of Ukraine.The university is named after the Russian admiral, Stepan Makarov, who was born in the city.On , a new building was opened and work was begun on the construction of a thirteen story hostel that would house 1295 students. In 1994, by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers Council of Ukraine, the Admiral Makarov National Shipbuilding University received the highest level of accreditation, (level four), which gave it the status of a university and it adopted the new name, Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University.The president (chancellor) was Romanovskiy Georgiy Fedorovich. Progress[edit] Since 1941 MSI has trained over 1700 marine engineers and altogether, 55,000 industry ready workers.

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